Burning Down the House

Saint Florian 1.4.17 Bree Collage portrait of the patron saint of firefighters made from a single photograph of a burned car in Cropper, KY. Made on Paint, enhanced with Fotor. (made from photo posted below).


was happy to set fire to 2016… much loss and illness…a climate changing for the worse, groups being singled out and blamed, bolstered supremacy groups like the KKK and neo-nazis, rivers being raped, native people stripped of rights, treaties ignored, a congress which gives itself a raise the very day it votes against an increased minimum wage, people who are well-off living like they were poor because of skyrocketing healthcare costs…

well anyways.

here are two collages in response to such ugly things, attempts at Beauty.

New Years Hawk 1.4.17 Bree Collage made from a single photograph of a car burned New Year’s Eve in Cropper, Kentucky made on Paint, enhanced with Photos. (made from photo posted below).


political forecast

this bleakest political forecast here has my subjects turning more overtly political, particularly when it comes to our president-elect, and especially what is going on near Standing Rock reservation, which he has his money invested in, so the going is that much more rough.

veterans arriving by the thousand…some media has decided on live coverage..so i hear, although i have no television. here are a few of the political pieces ive made since Election day.

No DAPL Bree 12.1.16 Collage made from a single photograph of a field in Pleasureville, KY made on Paint, with background and text to complete the poster.
I Introduce to You the Black Snake Bree 12.2.16 Collage made from a single photograph of trees taken at Muskatatuck (IN) made on Paint, enhanced with Fotor. The pipeline has been named the black snake after a prediction one would come to destroy our beautiful lands and rivers. Here either figure could be making the introduction.
Come What May Bree 11.17.16 Collage depicts armed forces, police and veterans who have sided with peaceful water protectors against the abuse of the Army corp and pipeliners, made from a single photograph of a trout lily flower taken in Cleveland, OH using Paint, enhanced with Fotor.
Water Protector Bree 11.15.16 Drawn on Paint
Master and Apprentice Bree 11.16.16 Collage made from a single photograph of a yellow brick wall made on Paint, after Trump and Pence–not sure which is the apprentice here; neither are closeted about their bigoted views.

Thanksgiving Anyone?

Turkey Gorget Bree 11.13.16 Collage made from a single photograph of one of the Muskatatuck lakes in Seymour, IN made on Paint, enhanced with Fotor (made from photograph posted below).


making a collage from a single photograph has been my daily routine for some time. it is not that i prefer it to drawing- rather it is more fun to play with shapes, shadows, textures and so forth using a photograph as a pallette. my cousin Marcel asks a good question- is anyone else out there doing this?

not sure how to find out. but i do know i am thankful for everyone out there.

xo Bree

Shelby Regional Arts Council and Brave Women Everywhere

Not Fatigued Bree 11.12.16 Collage made from a single photograph of a rock pool in Clifty Falls, IN. Made on Paint, enhanced with Fotor. (made from photograph posted below)


so yesterday i joined the Shelby Regional Arts Council and sold some of my pieces at the festival of lights in Shelbyville. i met several of the artists involved with the council. i look forward to being active in the group. one of the board members had seen my work at Sixth & Main Coffee Shop and lured me in- i was caught easily! it was because of the exposure the grant from The Kentucky Foundation for Women awarded me with that i came into the council.

No Roles Barred Bree 11.12.16 Collage self-portrait as barred owl made from a single photograph of a wood bench taken in Cropper, KY. Made on Paint from photo posted below.

thinking of Trump and not knowing what is to come for women- (not to mention ALL stigmatized or minority groups) i made some collages which celebrate the strength and bravery women exhibit unceasingly- and shall- despite Trump, Pence and whomever else should try to eradicate hard-fought for freedoms.

sometimes we work better under pressure- as a chef, i certainly learned how to maintain my rhythm and balance with two feet in the fire. while i like to allow myself to create whatever comes- i expect affirmative works which glorify women as we walk on coals unscathed.

Love Trumps Fear

this first day after the election i am thinking the tipping point is not even close.

women need to uplift one another- feel each other within us- let that feeling fortify, instruct and lend hands.

this is true for all oppressed and stigmatized. our stigma- our breastplate. wear it proudly, for it is what the world sees when they look at us as much as it is our protection.

i have been making gorgets again- based on the stone gorgets made by the Yucchi tribe which revered the sun, pileated woodpeckers, and so forth. one of their clans was the opossum.

Opossum Gorget Bree 11.9.16 Collage made from a single photograph of a Muskatatuck lake made on Paint, with watercolor tool, made from photograph posted below.

previously the gorgets i made were drawn. this one is a collage made from the photograph below- although i used Paint’s watercolor tool on the critters themselves. it reminds me of a quilt and i think of all the Kentucky women who use quilts as a form of community and symbol of family.

a photo i took at one of the lakes at Muskatatuck in Indiana.

other recent art- since lately all i do is walk and draw it is the animals which seem to pique me..

Wood Duck Moon  Bree  11.5.16 Collage made from a single photograph of a tree, with colored pencil tool, made on Paint. (made from photograph below)
photo from which i made Wood Duck Moon
Bobwhite Gorget Bree 11.8.16 Collage made from a single photograph of a bald cypress taken in Cropper, KY based on Yucchi gorgets. Made on Paint, enhanced with Fotor. (made from photo below:)
photo i made Bobwhite Gorget from
Guinea Bree 11.8.16 Collage made from one photograph of a rock pool at Clifty Falls (IN) made on Paint, enhanced with Fotor. (made from photograph below).
photo from which i made Guinea

Bree Collage Calendar 2017

as part of my Grant project for the Kentucky Foundation of Women i have designed a calendar featuring some of my collages. each are made from a single photograph, on Paint- some i enhanced using Fotor or Photos. In it i highlight some badassed woman well worth wiki searches…impressive women who impacted or continue to impact the way we interact.

i made a LTD Edition of 50 copies i will number and sign.

TO ORDER : send cash/check for 25$ to Bree 147 Marcus St. #4 Pleasureville, KY 40057 OR Paypal to leastbitternbooks@gmail.com using the friends and family option.


Owl Wouldja Please 9.19.16 Collage made from a single photograph of an Owl Butterfly, from the Naturalist’s Notebook taken by John Pizniur. (the photo is posted below). Made on Paint, enhanced with Fotor.


this collage didnt make the calendar, but i do like it.


The Death of Summer and Just Plain Death

pleasureville-pastoral-2 house-pleasureville2

went from Easter in Pleasureville (above left, 9.17.16) to Falling in Pleasureville (10.12.16)  —both made on Paint, enhanced with Fotor–

late spring i lost my health insurance, and this summer i battled the anxiety from that with collage work, mainly. delving into pastorals– tend to be nervous about texture, so i am keening my focus on that.

also making plenty of nude studies, some tongue in cheek, some ambient.

my husband passed away suddenly in September, which really had me on my knees. we were divorced last November, but i never call him my ex-husband. there is no need to distinguish him from any other husband, as he was the only.

i finally passed my driving test, and have wheels….and intended to go about with gusto making friends in venues like bookstores and art galleries…but the grief has me indoors– or else hiking– in order to practice mindfulness. whether my mind is trained on lines i draw or birds i see on limbs, it is best busied on a thing rather than streaming about in griefs building like flames.

here are some works from the last while…..

Abutment  Bree 9.21.16 Couple ram animus drawn on Paint, enhanced with Fotor.
Circle Sutra Bree 10.8.16 Drawn on Paint, enhanced with Fotor
Corn Animus Bree 10.9.16 Collage made from a single photograph of cornstalks in a field taken in Cropper, KY. Made on Paint, enhanced with Fotor.
Giving Consent Bree 10.11.16 Collage made from a single photograph of a tree trunk taken in Jefferson State Park, made on Paint.

Collages from Shower Curtains, Wood Sheds, o my

some recent work here, mainly been making collage made from a single photograph…sure to draw figures and scenes as well so as not to get rusty.

empress jingu
Empress Jingū (onna bugeisha) 7.29.16 Collage made from a single photograph of a shower curtain taken in Berea, KY. Made on Paint, enhanced with Fotor.  Jingū (c. 169-269 AD) led a Japanese conquest of Korea without blood-shed. She was an original onna bugeisha, female warriors which predated samurai. In 1881, Empress Jingū became the first woman to be featured on a Japanese banknote.

this is the photograph of a shower curtain in an artist’s studio in Burton, KY from which i made Empress Jingu:
shower curtain

Persephone 8.6.16 Collage made from a single photograph on Paint, enhanced with Fotor (made from photograph of a wood shed in Pleasureville, KY below).
photo (6)
Photograph of wood shed in Pleasureville, KY from which Persephone was made.
scrap wood couple
Scrap Wood Couple 7.28.16 Collage made from a single photograph of scrap wood with knobs at an art studio in Berea, KY. Made on Paint, enhanced with Fotor.
photo (4)
Copy of some scrap wood in Berea from which Scrap Wood Couple was made.
silk tree collage
Silk Tree Shakti 6.29.16 Collage made from a single photograph of a mimosa tree in Pleasureville, KY farmland, made on Paint. Here Shiva is depicted holding what grows in Pleasureville: corn, wheat, tobacco and soybeans. Shakti represents female embodiment and fertility which enables all male potential to manifest.

both Silk Tree Shakti and Arms Up Don’t Shoot are made from this photograph of a silk tree, otherwise known as mimosa, which is a non-native flowering tree.


silk tree selfie smaller
Arms Up Don’t Shoot 6.5.16 Collage made from a single photograph of a Mimosa tree taken in Pleasureville, made on Paint, enhanced with Fotor.

i went to Catholic school for 15 years. in that span of time three Catholic sisters suggested i was called by God. this intrigued me, as no other girls i studied with has been told this by a sister. however, i have yet to join a convent.

badnun yaya think so
Lost in the Woods 8.2.16 Drawn on Paint, enhanced with Fotor

i am continuing to create, while juggling music and health insurance saga. next week i visit my family and friends in Cleveland, OH. when i get back i will set to action for the finale of my project. yaya. xoxo  Bree

Artist Showcase June 18th at Sixth & Main Coffeehouse in Shelby, KY

Just Terlingua TX for R Jay

detail of Ghost Town of Terlingua, TX 6.16.16 (Collage made from two photographs of tree lichen bark and a mail box in Cropper, KY, made on Paint) ; i decided to make it its own piece as well, called Just Terlingua, TX for R Jay 6.16.16 because he particularly like the buildings.

Sixth & Main Coffeehouse
sells new and used books, and has a monthly Artist showcase. My books and art will be on display for sale for three months. June 18th-July 18th my art will be on the featured wall. Then it will be moved to the wall that has all the book cases.

The day i brought my canvases to hang as June’s featured artist, i told one of the owners, Kathryn, i would not hang any she didn’t want me to hang. She told me to hang all of them. However, two customers in the next 24 hours made comments, so she let me know she took down ‘Gardening’ and ‘Echo’, and told me, “I left all the breasts,” “breasts are okay,” she laughed.

This is my first Kentucky art show. It is the second of my life. The day of my opening, i sang outside afterwards as part of a street fest with a new band i formed here, called Affluenza. (Because everybody’s got a touch). i have been writing songs for more than half my life, and singing for a third of it. i was also told one of my songs would be inappropriate for Shelbyville, as there would be kids around. these are the lyrics:

afraid i would lose my poetry buzz,
i smoked weed.
afraid i would lose my weed buzz,
i drank some beer.
afraid i would lose my beer buzz,
i sat down and thought about
you, and what’s not fair,
like done is done,
and you’ve not won.

your one true maiden i am,
you are my long lost sailor in arms.
we are each others jailer, bail bondsman
and lawyer.
but unlike the law you know we’ve been
true, and i dont ever want to lose
that buzz,
that me and you.

since children would be at the event i understand why it would be inappropriate. generally i sing at bars, galleries or simply night-time events children dont populate.

yesterday and this morning i drew a series i surely would not expect to be hung anywhere but a private gallery. i have used social media to solicit comments about a female artist working with nude studies.  (p.s. i need to look for the nude studies ‘market,’) ::::

Ticklish 1
Ticklish I Bree 6.20.16-6.21.16 Three part series drawn on Paint, enhanced with Fotor.
Ticklish 2
Ticklish II Bree 6.20.16-6.21.16 Three part series drawn on Paint, Enhanced with Fotor
Ticklish 3
Ticklish III Bree 6.20.16-6.21.16 Three part series drawn on Paint, enhanced with Fotor.

My Art in Online Gallery

ART PEOPLE GALLERY  …is a very cool place where unique artists are featured…here i am, for some of my colleges from a single photograph. Click Me!

and check out other interesting visions and voices.

meanwhile here is a more recent collage from a single photograph. i took a shot of some front wooden doors in Shelbyville, KY because i liked the way they peeled.

xoxo  Bree

door couple small
Front Door Couple Bree 6.15.16 Collage made from a single photograph on Paint.
Photograph of a front wooden door from which ‘Front Door Couple’ was made.