Burning Down the House

Saint Florian 1.4.17 Bree Collage portrait of the patron saint of firefighters made from a single photograph of a burned car in Cropper, KY. Made on Paint, enhanced with Fotor. (made from photo posted below).


was happy to set fire to 2016… much loss and illness…a climate changing for the worse, groups being singled out and blamed, bolstered supremacy groups like the KKK and neo-nazis, rivers being raped, native people stripped of rights, treaties ignored, a congress which gives itself a raise the very day it votes against an increased minimum wage, people who are well-off living like they were poor because of skyrocketing healthcare costs…

well anyways.

here are two collages in response to such ugly things, attempts at Beauty.

New Years Hawk 1.4.17 Bree Collage made from a single photograph of a car burned New Year’s Eve in Cropper, Kentucky made on Paint, enhanced with Photos. (made from photo posted below).


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