And We Are All Such Houses to Clean


well the Artist Enrichment Grant the Kentucky Foundation for Women awarded me has seen its end. i sent in the final report, which is a retrospect assessment of whether my work made impact and affected change, whether i grew as an artist and independent thinker, well–so much to think about, digest, take inventory of-
we are all such houses to clean!

i put as much work into the report as i did the calendar, book or other aspect of the project. today i spoke with a woman at KFW while she held my work in her hands. hours later i would discover i am covered now by Medicare. the rewarding finish of two major looming aspects of my life–the project, and my pursuit of health insurance concurred.

my response was in earnest because the project gave me the opportunity and responsibility of sending more overt messages out with my singular voice.

i find i dont always agree with messages the media labels as feminist because at times it is sensationalised and rather honed to an agenda.

this can cause people to perceive feminists as being up in arms about things which may or may not be relevant, accurate or true–meanwhile, each day women endure actual discrimination, harassment, hardships and barriers most men dont. and i think to focus on my personal experience- my point of view is the most helpful, and the less distracting.

We Are All Great Apes 2.23.16 Bree Collage made of a single photograph of a dilapidated wooden house, made on Paint, enhanced with Fotor


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