political forecast

this bleakest political forecast here has my subjects turning more overtly political, particularly when it comes to our president-elect, and especially what is going on near Standing Rock reservation, which he has his money invested in, so the going is that much more rough.

veterans arriving by the thousand…some media has decided on live coverage..so i hear, although i have no television. here are a few of the political pieces ive made since Election day.

No DAPL Bree 12.1.16 Collage made from a single photograph of a field in Pleasureville, KY made on Paint, with background and text to complete the poster.
I Introduce to You the Black Snake Bree 12.2.16 Collage made from a single photograph of trees taken at Muskatatuck (IN) made on Paint, enhanced with Fotor. The pipeline has been named the black snake after a prediction one would come to destroy our beautiful lands and rivers. Here either figure could be making the introduction.
Come What May Bree 11.17.16 Collage depicts armed forces, police and veterans who have sided with peaceful water protectors against the abuse of the Army corp and pipeliners, made from a single photograph of a trout lily flower taken in Cleveland, OH using Paint, enhanced with Fotor.
Water Protector Bree 11.15.16 Drawn on Paint
Master and Apprentice Bree 11.16.16 Collage made from a single photograph of a yellow brick wall made on Paint, after Trump and Pence–not sure which is the apprentice here; neither are closeted about their bigoted views.