Bree Collage Calendar 2017

as part of my Grant project for the Kentucky Foundation of Women i have designed a calendar featuring some of my collages. each are made from a single photograph, on Paint- some i enhanced using Fotor or Photos. In it i highlight some badassed woman well worth wiki searches…impressive women who impacted or continue to impact the way we interact.

i made a LTD Edition of 50 copies i will number and sign.

TO ORDER : send cash/check for 25$ to Bree 147 Marcus St. #4 Pleasureville, KY 40057 OR Paypal to using the friends and family option.


Owl Wouldja Please 9.19.16 Collage made from a single photograph of an Owl Butterfly, from the Naturalist’s Notebook taken by John Pizniur. (the photo is posted below). Made on Paint, enhanced with Fotor.


this collage didnt make the calendar, but i do like it.


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