The Death of Summer and Just Plain Death

pleasureville-pastoral-2 house-pleasureville2

went from Easter in Pleasureville (above left, 9.17.16) to Falling in Pleasureville (10.12.16)  —both made on Paint, enhanced with Fotor–

late spring i lost my health insurance, and this summer i battled the anxiety from that with collage work, mainly. delving into pastorals– tend to be nervous about texture, so i am keening my focus on that.

also making plenty of nude studies, some tongue in cheek, some ambient.

my husband passed away suddenly in September, which really had me on my knees. we were divorced last November, but i never call him my ex-husband. there is no need to distinguish him from any other husband, as he was the only.

i finally passed my driving test, and have wheels….and intended to go about with gusto making friends in venues like bookstores and art galleries…but the grief has me indoors– or else hiking– in order to practice mindfulness. whether my mind is trained on lines i draw or birds i see on limbs, it is best busied on a thing rather than streaming about in griefs building like flames.

here are some works from the last while…..

Abutment  Bree 9.21.16 Couple ram animus drawn on Paint, enhanced with Fotor.
Circle Sutra Bree 10.8.16 Drawn on Paint, enhanced with Fotor
Corn Animus Bree 10.9.16 Collage made from a single photograph of cornstalks in a field taken in Cropper, KY. Made on Paint, enhanced with Fotor.
Giving Consent Bree 10.11.16 Collage made from a single photograph of a tree trunk taken in Jefferson State Park, made on Paint.

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