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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                       3/23/23
Bree Bodnar (616)216-4715
2982 Waddy Rd. #2 40076


Equidistant from Louisville and Lexington, smack-dab in the middle between Shelbyville and Frankfort, Waddy, KY is truly the heart of it all. Self-proclaimed ‘Waddy Bodies’ take great pride in their town and sense of community. A former resident made and kept up a sign welcoming folks to Waddy located near the train tracks on 395 (Waddy Road). In his absence, it became weather-beaten. With splintered wood and peeling paint it no longer reflected hometown pride, and was removed. Bree Bodnar began to solicit donations to make a new sign durable enough to withstand heavy storms. She knew having a slogan could come in handy in many ways. For example, shirts, hats, bags, keychains and other merchandise that read ‘Waddy the Heart (symbol) of It All’ could be sold at street fairs or in local shops, and monies could go towards an Emergency Fund: a handful of Waddy residents could review an application, and decide, for example, whether to pay a resident’s electric bill.


Local Sign-maker Geoff Tomes’ company Liberty Metalworks makes signs from solid sheets of steel with a plasma cutter, and powder coats at the end to make his signs durable and long-lasting. He is donating his labor for a sign, only charging for materials. Homeowners Joshua and Megan Tucker-Manly are happy to have the new sign on their property where the original stood. Many residents would like to see an additional sign near the truck stops, so folks driving by who never heard of the town might see it. Resident R.T. McKinley has given his permission to place a sign on his land at the corner of Bardstown and Waddy Road, across from Loves filling station, should enough monies be raised to cover the cost. Bodnar raised enough money for the first sign by selling T-shirts, tote bags, and mugs with the new slogan at www.bonfire.com/store/bree-shirts-and-more . She has also made bumper stickers available for $5 at 6th & Main Coffeehouse, The Barrel Room, or by emailing greenpandapress@gmail.com .


To determine what the sign would look like Bodnar made half a dozen mock-ups using various fonts and placements of the words Waddy the Heart (symbol) of It All. She posted the examples on Facebook group Waddy 3,000 and over 200 residents voted. There were two overwhelming favorites she and Tomes are using as a basis from which to create the final design.


The day the first sign goes in, Tina Glosson, minister at the Waddy Christian Church, is hosting the first family-friendly, non-church-related fun-day which she hopes to repeat each warm month of the year.  Saturday, May 20 at 12 noon just after the first sign is put up, there will be a community gathering, with live music by local talent Lil Jimmy Ritchie from 1-3 p.m. plus free pulled pork sandwiches, sides, and drinks provided by the church. Shaved ice is a possibility! Local business sponsors are invited to send their logo to greenpandapress@gmail.com for it to appear on the program for the event in exchange for a minimum donation of $40 towards the second sign and emergency fund. If you would like to make a donation send monies to Waddy Sign Project c/o Waddy Christian Church PO Box 2 waddy, ky 40076.


Bumper Sticker $5 to Sign and Emergency Fund for Waddy Residents
A frontrunner when Waddy Bodies voted on the design
A frontrunner when Waddy Bodies voted on the design
A contender due to the thicker lettering.. Ultimately, whichever design is chosen the background will be a deep gunmetal blue, red heart, white letters

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