Seein Orifices Where Orifices Aint

This is a photo i took of a gnarled, fallen tree trunk in Eastern Kentucky. From it, i produced the collage below, by cutting and pasting on the program Paint.
funeral couple
Atalanta and the Calydonian Boar Bree 2.2.16 Collage made from a single photograph on Paint, Atalanta was a supporter of Diana, while the boar was sent by Diana to wreak havoc on the king who failed to honor the gods, in Calydon of Aetolia.


There has been an interest in my process of collage. Essentially, when a photo grabs me i often find in it countenances. Then i have some fun with body shapes and sizes, and design clothes in a whimsical, imaginative style. Most collages are couples, some of them i theme with ancient mythology, some are simply my take on couplehood–not necessarily romantic in nature, for in my life some of my best friends are male, and cherish these, as my brothers. –Bree

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