Pressing On

Chris Brooke, editor of Henry County Local wrote a thoughtful article about my project here.

i am glad he took interest in the project, and the Kentucky Foundation for Women. it is not all the time that you are glad you sat for an interview…

speaking of, i drew this turkey vulture on Monday. i was thinking about a trip i took to the southern tip of TX. i have been playing with a lot of pastels lately, seduced by the soft plays of texture. turkey vultures are gentle creatures–when you walk past them, they may give a glance at you, but most likely they wont start at all. once i picked up a small bone one of them dropped. i am a bone collector. turkey and black vultures are so common in Pleasureville, KY, i almost forget what magnificent creatures they are.

Turkey Vulture 8x10
Turkey Vulture Bree 1.18.16 Drawn on Paint, the bird represents expert use of energy, a higher vision and insight, as totem animal. (Modeled off of a hawk screen from 18th century Japan.)

Here is the Japanese screen of a hawk which i used as a kind of stimuli for my drawing.


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