Signature Style

come hither
Come Hither Bree 1.9.15 Photograph i took in TX, doodled on with Paint.

i finished the text to Do Well of Must, and give myself til the end of January to select the drawings to go in it.

meanwhile, i was talking to a friend who is a dealer and collector of small press books, music, outsider art, and such. i asked him about signatures. since i dont like my handwriting i dont sign my work. for maybe three days, i signed what i drew with a cursive font-type from Microsoft. otherwise, i have written poems or letters to give the work provenance, if asked for such.

the dealer said get a signature, even if it is a stamp, so i will heed him. he also suggested 10 and 2 — that is, to produce 2 canvases of any drawing, and ten fine paper prints. this means i really need a ledger, to record each drawing that goes out. it also means im not likely to keep any for myself. but that is not new, i have few Green Panda Press titles in my possession. people do ask why the art is not signed….so now, to find myself a good notebook and stamp.

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