My Spring Animus

Koma Kōryū Hawk Animus Bree 2.21.16 Collage from a single photograph (pictured below) made on Paint

“Inrō with Hawks on Perches”, Koma Kōryū (d.1796). – Black lacquer ground with gold and silver togidashi, takamaki-e and hiramaki-e, red lacquer, and applied gold and silver foil Netsuke: gourd; guri lacquer, silver ring and stopper in chrysanthemum shape Ojime: butterfly and flower; cloisonné bead. – An inrō (印籠) is a traditional box used to hold small objects, like medicine or perfume vials. It is generally hanged on the belt (waist sash) of the kimono. [Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY]
i sent books to many special patrons, and this week i will compose an email to solicit bookstores and libraries to participate in the event for my project (several regional venues will have my book Do Well of Must for sale, on display with one of my works on canvas, for one Friday-Saturday).

the hardest thing is to select which weekend. i will follow up each email with a personal phone call. i will also need to design and print business cards, as well as posters,to give to venues in preparation of the event. my goodness, such a lot to do.

you can ask your local bookseller or librarian to order Do Well of Must, and see what i managed to pull off–a book i am truly happy with–personal narrative and tons of drawings inside, a kind of evolution.

in the meantime, Chinese New Year has come and gone; Kentucky enjoyed a spring day which really sparked my animus. leave you with one recent commission:

year of the monkey smaller
Year of the Monkey Bree 2.20.16 Drawn on Paint for commission.

if you have something you would like me to draw, portraits, landscapes, or a collage, say, made from one of your favorite photographs—click on the CONTACT link for further info.