Entering Summer Art Show Music oh My

Objectification Bree 5.4.16 Collage made from a single photograph of a shooting target on Paint.

okay, so here is what has been up….our Governor Bevin took Kentucky’s healthcare which was being used as a model in other states because KY had the least amount of uninsured citizens….and it was working….but he turned it on its head. alas, i lost my healthcare, and have been rowing upwards ever since.

i have time to time drawn and made collages. i will post them here.

this Saturday, June 18th i have an art show- my first in KY! and will also be singing with my newly formed band Affluenza, at 6th and Main Coffee Shop and as part of 6th Street Live.

i have plenty of canvas for the art show, and will bring them all, although many are nude studies. i will only hang what the venue likes, and do not expect all of them to be in the gallery month-long. there is no tellin’ what will fly.

after this weekend i intend to buckle down and get back to business. still plenty of time to meet booksellers and otherwise solicit venues for my project finale in November. meanwhile, i can see how the procedures and medicines had enabled me to function awfully well, considering. without them i draw from the bottom of my diaphragm, and exhale longer than i ever inhale.

Wood Nymph Bree 5.17.16 Drawn on Paint
Love is Shy Bree 6.15.16 Collage made from a single photograph of wood doors, made on Paint.
ghost town small
Ghost Town of Terlingua, TX Bree 6.16.16 Collage made from two photographs of tree lichen bark and a mail box in Cropper, KY, made on Paint.
selfie as toad small
Selfie as Toad Bree 5.12.16 Totem animal drawn on Paint, enhanced with Fotor.
bulls eye1
Bull’s Eye Bree 5.4.16 Collage self-portrait made from a single photograph of a shooting target on Paint.

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