Bree: do well of must– a Book Art Show Blog Project

i have been awarded an Artist Enrichment Grant from The Kentucky Foundation for Women. this blog is part of my project, so follow along.

here is my project:
–make a book Bree: do well of must which showcases my progress as a self-taught visual artist.
–create a body of work on canvas.
–solicit bookstores and libraries to display my book, along with an original work for one Friday-Saturday. (some pieces will be nude studies or erotic art).
–blog the process here, as a way to gauge how receptive the public is to public display of nude studies or erotic art by a female artist.

see a list of grantees and their projects here.
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Yuchi Wind Bree 11.30.15 Drawn on Paint, enhanced with Fotor

Bree is an artist & poet from
Cleveland, OH. she now lives
in Pleasureville, KY. open
farmland. 360-degree view
of oh my. she received a 2015
Artist Enrichment grant from
The Kentucky Foundation
for Women
. check in here
to track her progress.

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