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The book for my Kentucky Foundation for Women’s 2016 Artist Enrichment Grant Do Well of Must is available at bookstores and libraries everywhere.

If you go to the library, you can ask them to order a copy. Or if you would like to own one, order from your local bookseller.

If you ARE a bookseller or librarian, Do Well of Must by Bree ISBN:-10 1523677082 or ISBN-13: 978-1523677085

If you would like one from me directly, I can sign and/or inscribe it,
simply paypal to leastbitternbooks@gmail.com or send check/cash

to Bree 42 Kings Hwy. Waddy, KY 40076 or leastbitternbooks@gmail.com

to peek inside the book go here.
(also available in kindle form)

The book is 50 pages of full-color drawings and collages, as well the personal narrative of how I came to draw, what landed me in Kentucky, and how it is I progress as an independent woman and visual artist.